Father & son named co MVP's!

2021 World Sponge Hockey Championships

January 14th - 24th 2021

OUR MISSION:                 …. “IT’S TIME!”

To Promote Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada as the city, province, & nation of PLAY! And to showcase and share  OUR unique sport of sponge hockey with the WORLD! Funds raised will further provide facilities & programs for our community and for all ages with the focus upon grass root non contact sports! And with our commitment to FAMILY participation, and the many families & youths whom struggle financially and are often not able to afford to participate in the more costly & structured sports, within our CENTRE & SITE OF PLAY, we will welcome HOME…anyone & everyone that wishes to PLAY! …”Yes! It’s Time”!

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Showcasing Worlds Largest Sponge Hockey Rink at 400 x 200 ft! Demonstrating  a 12 on 12 player format! This will surely add a new dimension to our sport of sponge!!! Should help facilitate the best in the passing game! Can’t wait to watch!

And within our commitment to our JUST LET THEM PLAY PROGRAM, this 80,000 sq ft rink will see 48 youths teams  (over 520 students) play & demonstrate a  new concept in spongee! And with 8 goal nets and 4 pucks in play on the World’s Largest Sponge Hockey Rink, 8 teams will play at the very same time! Cameras will catch 6 waves of 8 new youth teams sweeping onto this rink every hour…on the hour from noon thru til 6 pm!  And the odds are that these 48 teams amidst the ‘youth packed’ ice surface.. will not know  who won……or who lost! JUST LET THEM PLAY~

What's Involved in Worlds?

  • Three levels of play in 24 events
  • 256 provincial teams
  • 128 out of province teams
  • 48 JUST PLAY Youth Teams!
  • 32 Invitational Teams
  • 16 Celebrity Entries~~~
  • 8 regular rinks and 8 mini rinks
  • The World’s Largest Spongee Rink!
  • 4500 participants and 550 Volunteers
  • NHL Challenge Playdowns
  • Inner City Invasion (80,000 sq ft rink)
  • Special Olympics takes to the ice
  • Who’s in Goal?  Surprise Celebrities!
  • Other winter activities to enjoy!
  • Party time in WINTER-PEG!
  • Dancing & socializing on the BIG RINK!
  • What? Bon fires in winter!!!